WB Nostalgia

Maybe it's because I was just at Warner Bros. Studios less than two weeks ago to see the Conan O'brien Show or maybe I've just been nostalgic for the "good old days" when I first started as a designer but I remembered these Bugs Bunny designs I did in the early 90's and had to try to find them. It took searching through a pile of test prints from my first job at Sun Sportswear that were shoved in a box in my garage to dig them up but it was kind of fun looking at all the old designs.


These are all screen printed samples and since they are too big to fit on my scanner I had to lay them on my coffee table and shoot them with my camera while I stood above them. The inconsistencies in the ink coverage are from the flash glaring off of the plastisol inks. I thought it would be fun to show these here since I have no other real use for them. I may be posting some other designs I found so you can see where I started as a designer. I feel very fortunate to have started my career at a sportswear company because it forced me to draw more than I think most entry level jobs would of. That was important to my development as an artist since I didn't consider myself the strongest illustrator and definitely not a cartoonist back in art school. I still struggle with cartooning but having to do it taught me some tricks. I think the top two which were a front and back of a shirt are the funniest since I tried to draw Bugs in the fashions of that early 90's time period and the wording is just so stupid.