Licensed Nostalgia

When I was searching for the Bugs Bunny designs in the last post I came across a lot of other licensed character designs that I did in the early 90's. I set aside a few of my favorites to show here. So, here are some Jetsons designs and one Rocky and Bullwinkle. Of the many licensed t-shirts I did back then I preferred The Jetsons because it was one of my favorite cartoons as a kid.


Our work on these jobs at Sun Sportswear consisted of coming up with a concept and writing the copy and looking through style guides to find poses that then we redrew or tweaked to fit the purpose. We would mock the idea up and color it to present to our Art Director who would then either approve it or reject it. If the Art Director approved it then it would be shown to the company that owned the license to get their blessing on the design. If it got approved by them then we would take the steps to clean up the art and make it camera ready and do the color separations. Usually the Buyers for the stores wouldn't see them until they were printed on shirt samples but some times they would see the original mock-ups first. If a design got rejected by the Art Director or by the holder of the license or by all the Buyers it would be cursed for all time and if we tried to resubmit it in the future it was an immediate rejection again. We learned to just put them away forever, never to see the light of day. The designs above are some that made it to the printed sample stage at least so I'm pretty sure they were sold in stores but I can't remember for sure. In any case, they were really fun to work on.